That strong African woman

She cried everyday to sleep, prayed in pain and selflessness as she asked his make where did she go wrong, 2 kid very bright in school but all she could see is there life cut short because she would never afford more for them than just what the government offered for free, all because she was a single mother,

They saw her tears sometimes when she couldn’t hide them anymore, sometimes they would even cry with her when they didn’t have anything for dinner as they pray to their almighty, because that’s what she taught them, “He has all the answers as to why”, and believe you me out there in the crowd you would never tell all they were going through because she taught them to smile like nothing happened and she made sure they were always clean so they never looked less fortunate than any other kid on the block

She never lost hope of making it in life and ever being there for her children, neither did she depended on no man to provide for her nor did she gave her body as source of income she hussled, she tried all nature’s of jobs from selling water to food stalls (vibandas) to selling tomatoes in the market, some never paid up but always gave her all,..

Cut it Short what is the moral this emotional short story, a mother will always do her best to provide for her children, she will never give up on them neither will she loss her dignity due to her struggles and in the end she will always be rewarded, and it’s our duty to appreciate that strong African woman for her effort never look down on her because she can’t speak English nor look down on her because she got a strong accent or because she is not dressed in the latest fashion, some people feel embarrassed about their mothers because of their medical condition they forget that woman who never gave up on them that woman who would wake up take a jembe to be paid so as to pay their school fees, respect that woman she is your mother non other you will get… It’s your duty now to dress her with the latest fashion jewelry and accessories, her accent is the one that begged the principal not to send you home for your fees…. I love you mama and am always proud of you….

~mwAfrika KE.